Tooth colour fillings

Tooth colour fillings also commonly known as laser fillings / Light cure fillings is a new method in which broken, fractured or decayed teeth are restored into their natural appearance. A mixture of composite resins and porcelains is used to fix the teeth. Restorative dentistry fixes the tooth in a manner that it acts and appears like a natural tooth so you don’t need to worry while chewing.

The most commonly used Traditional methods for filling a cavity was using Silver Amalgam.

We Do offer them still yet limit their use due to unsightly appearance and risk of mercury toxicity.

As the name suggests AESTHETIC SMILES are primary aim is AESTHETICS with good function.

So get your Dental Cavities filled with Tooth color fillings only.

Natural Looking Restorations

10 years ago tooth colored fillings were not as strong as they are today. Thanks to modern 21st century cosmetic and restorative dental technology, tooth colored fillings last much longer and look just like your natural teeth.


 Dr. Basavaraj Kallapur will choose a shade that matches your natural color so that the only person who will know that your filling, crown, inlay or onlay is made from ceramic or porcelain will be you and the team from Floss Dental.